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This collection reminds us that the grief and anxiety in the Black community are only recognition that what is far too often, too brutally and too unjustly lost is substantial, important and invaluable. Here are words that you need to read, that we all do. 

-- Cortney Lamar Charleston, author of Telepathologies

Confessing conflicted love for a Southern homeplace that “romances” and “bludgeons” him, while naming the ironies and entrapments of a larger American (and human) identity, Lawson eloquently reveals a ruminating self—male, black, besieged, bewildered, yet certain, too, of its own song and grace.

-- Sharan Strange, co-founder of the Dark Room Collective


Before the Night Wakes You 

Finishing Line Press

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Part history, part social commentary, part eulogy, I highly recommend this collection to readers trying to find their way through the complexities of race relations. This is a voice that matters.”

–Marjory Wentworth, Former Poet Laureate of South Carolina

Len Lawson is an unflinching voice, whether he is condemning the blood on the hands of his country, exhuming blood-drenched Southern Soil, or exploring the blood in his own veins, his poems stare into the face of history, grief, and death while daring us to do the work of living.”

–Mariahadessa Ekere Tallie, Author of Dear Continuum: Letters to a Poet Crafting Liberation


Hand in Hand: Poets Respond to Race

Muddy Ford Press

Available NOW

In this poetry anthology, curated by S.C. poets Al Black and Len Lawson, 39 poets speak to the role of race both in their 21st century worlds and the worlds they inherited from the past. Beautiful and profound, these words and the images they evoke allow the reader the opportunity to assess where we are as a culture, how far we’ve come, and how far we need to go.


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